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Welcome to Ciacho Company  

We are Poland’s first and finest gourmet cookie company producing soft-textured taste sensations using only the freshest and most flavourful ingredients. Our company is young, modern and very tasty. Just as every Ciacho should be…  

Ciacho Company is a new and innovative culinary delight that has been developed from traditional recipes to produce the most decadent and delicious cookies on the market today. We have worked hard and after years of experimentation, we have created cookies from recipes using wholesome ingredients to make something very special just for you. Starting production in 2016, Ciacho Company is set to be the first choice for cafés, gourmet food locations and consumers all across Poland and beyond.

We also believe that creativity and innovation are essential for the long-term viability for a business and as our concept moves onwards and upwards. we will be producing many new product lines that will surprise and delight. We look forward to being the Ciacho in your life that makes you smile each and everyday…